Anna Morelle-Grey
: 07766 904 596

Sessions & Charges

Sessions cost £55 and last for approximately 50 minutes.  I believe that everyone should have the chance to benefit from counselling therefore I can sometimes offer a sliding scale of charges if you are on a low or limited income (proof required).

The number of sessions required varies from person to person depending on the nature and severity of the issue therefore I am able to offer both short and long-term counselling.  Some people come to therapy because they simply want to get something off their chest or gain clarification about an issue in which case only a few sessions may be needed.  Other people however may choose to undertake longer-term therapy, for example where there are long-standing issues or where a ‘deeper’ level of work is needed. 

We will discuss your individual needs in our initial session and have periodic reviews so we can both see what we have covered and what you would like to cover in future sessions.  This can also help to keep our sessions focused so you can be assured you gain the most benefit from therapy.

Sessions usually take place weekly, however you may wish to gradually reduce the frequency to fortnightly or monthly towards the end of your therapy if this feels best for you.  This is sometimes the case for people who have been involved in long-term counselling.  I ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a session otherwise full payment will be due. 

All counselling work is confidential and any limit to the boundaries of confidentiality, such as harm to oneself or others, is fully discussed with the client.